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Cosa hanno in comune GORE-TEX e Facebook? Il Numero di Dunbar


Gore did some counting, and realized that after putting about 150 people in the same building, things at GORE-TEX just did not run smoothly. People couldn’t keep track of each other. Any sense of community was gone.

So Gore made the decision to cap his factories at 150 employees.

“Whenever they needed to expand the company,” Dunbar says, “he would just build a new factory. Sometimes right on the parking lot next door.”

Un interessantissimo articolo del canale radio americano NPR sulla storia del Numero di Dunbar e su come questo limite cognitivo teorico di tipo ancestrale si rifletta su vari aspetti della vita di una persona, Facebook incluso.

via Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR.

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