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La fine di un’era: Dell cestina il Just-in-time


Morte di un business model.

Dal Wall Street Journal:

Dell Inc. is trying to sell its computer factories around the world, a move to sharply overhaul a production model that was long a hallmark of the PC giant’s strategy but is no longer competitive.


The plan is the latest sign of changes in the global PC business, and the increasing pressure on Dell to improve its profitability. The Round Rock, Texas, company last week reported disappointing quarterly profit that helped send shares down more than 18%, and has been trying to reduce expenses since early last year. Dell, which led the industry in lean manufacturing approaches and build-to-order PC manufacturing, now finds itself lagging rivals in wringing the most savings by outsourcing operations to production partners.

E in un istante, molti testi universitari di economia diventeranno obsoleti.

P.S. C’è anche chi lo aveva previsto.

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  1. 06/09/2008 16:29

    Chi l’aveva previsto?

  2. 06/09/2008 17:05

    Svariati studiosi del settore. E’ da un lustro ormai che si parla del business model di Dell come di un caso “unico”, nel senso che nessun concorrente di peso ha ritenuto conveniente intraprendere la stessa strada. Il discorso ovviamente è riferito al just-in-time nel solo mercato dei pc.

  3. 06/09/2008 17:19

    Per fare un esempio, ecco cosa scriveva Wired nel 2002:

    A revolution of one is no revolution at all. So what is Dell? A one-off phenomenon, lucky enough to exploit a combination of factors that turn out to be unique to the PC industry? Or a truly ascendant business model so disruptive that it can be adopted only through wrenching change and not the piecemeal attempts tried by others so far? Michael Dell is confident of the answer, but he knows it will take a while to play out.

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